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Recreating the Master Chef Australia magic at Shiro with 'Sunday Brunches'

Celebrating ‘Sunday Brunches’ inspired from the upcoming MasterChef Australia Season 4

New Delhi, Bangalore: We have charmed your senses once and we are hereto begin yet another fulfilling food extravaganza. International food experience will never be the same again! Shiro celebrates the culinary magic with the new Shiro Sunday brunch, that draws inspiration straight from the delicacies of the MasterChef Australia Season 4 menu. Taking you to another delectable journey, indulge in gourmet delights like Chicken and Vegetable Pho Ga, Grilled Chicken with Asian greens, Hanoi Crisp Parcel, OtakOtak Kukus and much more. The main course too has an elaborate spread likeBraised chicken with Diakon, Chicken Massaman Curry, Hibachi Rice, Tofu Kimchiand Chicken and Cashew Singapore noodles.
Starting from 10th June to 26th August, every Sunday from 12pm to 4pm, Shiro brings to you the much acclaimed international menu which will tempt your taste buds. The Master Chef Australia inspired menu promises to scintillate your taste buds and keep you wanting for more. Commenting on the occasion, Rahul Hajarnavis, Executive Brand Chef, Shiro says “Last year we received rave reviews for our Master Chef Australia inspired menu and diners at Shiro loved every bit of it.The exquisite food and the gastronomic flavours will continue their delectable journey this year as well.I am truly excited at this opportunity and am looking forward to recreate some of my favorite dishes from the new season.”
Known for its exceptional and delightful brunches, Shiro plans to keep the food-lovers excited all year long. A very elated Sanjay Mahtani, Co-founder and Executive Director, JSM Corporation says “We have always strived to bring the best of international flavours and culinary repertoire to our patrons. Last year we had successfully hosted the Master Chef Australia Sunday brunch and this year too we will create a memorable experience for all.”
Shiro will make certain that each dish from the master chef menu is presented with great creativity as it keeps its originality intact. This is a great way to let the food connoisseur experience world class food at Shiro. 
So come be a part of the OZ-Indo oriental celebration! 

Event: Master Chef Australia Sunday Brunch Venue: Shiro (New Delhi, Bengaluru)
Price: Rs. 1850/- plus taxes

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