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A bespoke experience, zen like ambience and gastronomical delight – you have just stepped into the exclusive Shiro Restaurant! Everyone talks about the eclectic design at Shiro, particularly the humungous, awe inspiring head of stone that greets you as you enter the sprawling 7000 sq ft premises. It seems unfazed by the high-octane energy levels around it, its eyes half shut in contemplation. Japanese, Chinese and Balinese surround this chic environment with a contemporary twist. Order the Hibachi fried rice or the tantalizing wasabi prawns as you sink into an organza lounging chair by the tear drop bead curtain and feel yourself drawn into a ‘heady’ trance.

Feast Your Senses

A complete foodie’s paradise, Shiro has been stimulating senses with its delectable cuisine and sophisticated bar. Inspired by the fiery orient, the menu offers an assortment of Korean, Vietnamese, Japanese and Thai gastronomy. From the traditions of Korean cuisine to the herb infused fragrances of Vietnamese food, from the multi-ethnic cuisine of Thailand to the extraordinary diversity of Cantonese Dim Sum - Shiro is a perfect respite to your many senses!

A Complete Gastronomical Experience!

At Shiro, you are assured of not just a meal, but an experience that surpasses every expectation. Try our authentic range of Dim Sums, Sushi, Sashimi, Maki, Rice, noodles and desserts each showcasing the intimacy and diversity of Asian cuisine. The recent addition to the Japanese cuisine, Teppan-yaki is a must try. Combine the above with our International signature cocktails and wines smeared with an Asian twist

DJ Club Night

Mystery, magic and drama combine to make your night at Shiro special! Dance the night away at Shiro. Groove to your choicest music track with our DJ’s spinning the best tracks for you. What to watch out for? The famous Retro Nights at Shiro.

At Shiro, you're rest assured of a dull moment. Come, unwind, experience at your exclusive getaway in your city!