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The Fraternity Speaks!

"Shiro is the best thing to happen to Mumbai" reveals fashion designer Azeem Khan


Fashion designer Azeem Khan is one of the innovators of Mumbai's Coho, with his cool and snazzy boutique next to the Colaba Post Office, and with his background of a being a real New York City Soho inhabitant, living and working downtown.

Azeem's international designing skills were earlier demonstrated on super model Naomi Campbell when he designed an elaborate Indian bustier for her saree when she did a fashion shoot in Dubai. He also designed the clothes for Italian jewelry designer Marina Bulgari's launch at the Taj Hotel in October.

Azeem Khan's first show in India, the Diwali '98 Collection, was held on October 10 in his boutique. It was in his words, "Very casual, like Soho, where you don't sit on a chair - so different."

"Shiro is really stirring up a storm literally!" - stresses avid party animal and active socialite on the page 3 circuit - Kishen Mulchandani


Kishen Mulchandani is a top businessman and socialite. Kishen, who is now in his late 30s, entered the restaurant business because for him an industry that is driven by meeting people is not about hard work, just pure fun.

His restaurant, Palkhi, in Colaba has been his favourite room since it first opened its doors. He describes his restaurant as "my den and playroom".

If Kishen is not throwing a party at Palkhi, then he is partying at one of the "happening night spots" in the city. Pick up any newspaper and Kishen's name will pop up as the Pasha of Party-makers -- a reputation he parties hard to live up to.