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Lose yourself in a Zen like ambiance at Shiro

In the present age of hectic lifestyle and the instant need for relaxation, Shiro provides for the perfect ambiance that can soothe the mind and soul with its interiors inspired by the Zen Traditions. Shiro’s ambience definitely will refill your soul along with its exotic menu that will cater to your food senses.

At Shiro’s, the entire ambiance has been done with keeping in mind the benefits and positive aura that Zen cultures and traditions emphasize on. The true meaning of the word "Shiro" means "A Castle" in Japanese and from here the restaurant gets its majestic name and the theme. The palatial landscape is awe-inspiring and the surrounding opulence and grandeur offers a perfect setting for a perfect evening.

Shiro welcomes you for a bespoke experience. Lose yourself in a ZEN-like ambiance as we take you on a gastronomical journey that stays with you forever. At Shiro, there is something for every mood and every sense. The serene lighting, cascading waterfalls and charming blend of oriental designs lift your spirit and transport you to a hitherto-unknown world. Every day highlights an eclectic celebration of oriental cuisines and signature cocktails adding to the beauty of life

Some interesting facts of Zen tradition and culture are:

Zen is a school of Mahāyāna Buddhism.
Zen emphasizes experiential wisdom in the attainment of enlightenment. As such, it de-emphasizes theoretical knowledge in favor of direct self-realization

The Fuke Zen sect was well known for practicing suizen, musical meditation with the shakuhachi flute, which some Zen Buddhists today also practice.

In the year 1410 a Zen Buddhist monk from Nanzen-ji, a large temple complex in the Japanese capital of Kyoto, wrote out a landscape poem and had a painting done of the scene described by the poem. Then, following the prevailing custom of his day, he gathered responses to the images by asking prominent fellow monks and government officials to inscribe it, thereby creating a shigajiku poem and painting scroll. Such scrolls emerged as a preeminent form of elite Japanese culture in the last two decades of the fourteenth century, a golden age in the phenomenon now known as Japanese Zen culture.

Several forms of practice of Zen traditions are also taught and shared outside Zen centers in prisons, universities, hospitals and inter-faith services in the community. They have practical benefits as the main focus is on self realization for the common man rather than intellectual reasoning

Zen inspired sustainable and innovative contemporary architecture is famous all over the world. They follow and apply established principles of ecologically sustainable designs.

So in the crowded city life, enjoy and experience the goodness of Zen like ambiance at Shiro. This serene resto bar flips a switch and transforms itself into one of the most energetic clubs in the city as the night moves along.


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