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Desserts on your table

Shiro along with its wide range of international cuisines offers also an interesting desert range for all the chocoholics. The menu awaits you.

Chocolate Volcano - dark chocolate with a chocolate ganache filling served with vanilla ice cream.
Chocolate Tiramisu -traditional tiramisu with a twist of chocolate and kahlua
Chocolate Sushi – a selection of sushi flavored with baileys, kahlua and seasonal fruit
Coconut and Pecan Tart – coconut flavored tart with pecan and chocolate chips. Served with vanilla ice cream
Misissippi Mud Slide – the classic chocolate mudpie with a rich chocolate sauce
Warm Mascarpone Cheese Cake- mascarpone cheese flavored with dark chocolate and caramel flavored crust
Trio Of Cheese Cake – platter of mocha, lemon and chocolate cheesecake
Combination Dessert Platter – selection of any three: chocolate volcano, chocolate sushi, coconut and pecan tart, misissippi mud slide, warm mascarpone cheese cake, trio of cheese cake

So here is the menu.  Do enjoy the desert time exclusively at Shiro. 


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