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GoodHomes bloggers bonding session at Shiro

What happens when a group of inspiring bloggers make their visit to Shiro? "Good Homes Bonding Session". And what happens then? Intelligent discussions get interesting when coupled with great food and a good ambience.  

This meet allowed various bloggers of GoodHomes to come together and share their views and experiences as a blogger. The larger-than-life d├ęcor at Shiro with its signature high ceilings and grand statues created the perfect backdrop for thoughts and ideas to be discussed.  The Oriental cuisine coupled with amazing drinks and good music offered a dining experience that was truly cherished by all there. 

The conversation focused on “connecting the dots between the print and the blogging world” and getting to know each other more personally. It was all about making new friends and cherishing the old ones. The session brought up some interesting points and some new ideas to the forefront.

The bonding session ended on a high note as everyone involved had a great time!

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