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In life, they juggle the roles of a daughter, mother, wife and employee seamlessly. They balance lipsticks and excel sheets with equal ease. They will shout at an errant child but calm down a burning situation. They are women and on Women’s Day, we are Shiro are celebrating the fairer sex.

This Women’s Day, we are getting women to put all their worries, chores and duties on the side and revel in being what they are best at, being a woman. When you come to Shiro Mumbai on 8th March, you will be pampered with indulgent cocktails, comfort food that tastes fabulous and music that will make you sway. You get to dress up and play gorgeous without a worry in the world. And if you catch the eye of our fashion judges, you could be in for a nice surprise. 

In Shiro Delhi, you can find yourself in the zen-like ambience that melts tension and gives you the much needed escape from the ceaseless demands of life. Tuck into the delicious fare prepared by our chef with strong flavours, cocktails and mocktails that indulge your inner diva and great music which will make you want to hit the dance floor. 

All you lovely ladies out there, this Women’s Day be at your stylish best, kick your heels, let your hair down and sway to the beats of the incredible DJs only at Shiro.

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