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Japanese Food for the Soul

All About Japanese food!

The typical Japanese cuisine comprises rice, meat, vegetables and fish. The Japanese emphasize more on the quality of the food and presentation. Let us now take a look at the interesting facts about Japanese food.

Sashimi Salad at Shiro

1. Large amount of raw food is used in the Japanese cuisine. In fact, you must be aware that the fish served with sushi is raw.

2. Dried sardines and almonds are often consumed as snacks in most of the parts of Japan.

3. About 50% of the fish catch and 80% of the tuna catch is undertaken by the Japanese.

4. The quality of 'sashimi' or the very thinly sliced raw fish which is served with sushi, is never ever compromised with in an authentic Japanese restaurant. In some cases, the fish is kept alive in water, and sliced and served only on ordering!

5. Talking about sashimi, a sushi chef needs to be extremely careful when slicing the raw fish. In fact, a professional chef's knife is sharpened every day to have those thinly sliced fish, suitable for the exotic sushi.

6. Rice forms the integral part of the Japanese cuisine and we have different forms of rice dishes like the Kayu rice, Donburi, fried rice, Kare raisu, etc., that are popular all over the world.

7. The typical Japanese meal consists of rice, served with meat, fish or vegetables. Pickles and soup also forms a part of the traditional Japanese meal.

8. Now one of the amusing facts about Japanese food and drink is that it is considered good manners to slurp noodles in soup like Ramen. However, one is not expected to slurp only the soup, like the miso.

9. Talking of miso soup, the soup is very good for digestion and hence, should be eaten at the beginning of the meal; and not at the end.

10. Just like Chinese cuisine, chopsticks are used to eat several Japanese dishes. However, one should remember to follow the chopsticks etiquette when using them in formal events. It is rude to insert the chopsticks straight (vertically) into the food.

I hope you enjoyed reading these facts about Japanese food.Well, lastly, one of the unique features of the Japanese food is that you will either love it or hate it, there is no middle ground. So, why not try it and decide for yourself? 

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