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Teppanyaki Temptations at Shiro

Shiro, the premium fine dining restaurant, with its signature high ceilings, grand statues and award winning oriental cuisine, hosts locals and expats alike, offering them a memorable Pan Asian experience. It belongs to the JSM group, a partnership between noted restaurateurs Jay Singh and Sanjay Mahtani, which includes a repertoire of some of India’s most successful and well- known independent restaurants. Shiro, full of mystery and surprise, provides guests with a larger than life fantasy that is unforgettable and keeps them coming back for more.

From the steam of sizzling dimsums to the taste of delicate sushi, there is something for every Pan Asian cuisine lover at Shiro. With a wide array of exquisite choices in the menu, Shiro is a gourmet’s delight as it brings to you the absolute experience of Teppanyaki cooking. With this all new teppan concept, Shiro presents to you an intimate and interactive dining experience, offering a taste of some of the most celebrated fine Japanese grilling. Combining the highest quality ingredients with the sight and sound of your dinner sizzling right in front of your eyes makes for a recipe to really whet your appetite!  Here, patrons not only experience a scrumptious Japanese meal but also get to relax and learn a few tricks from the chef who cooks live with stimulation at the teppan tables.  

The Teppanyaki menu at Shiro includes wide options such as bassa, lobster tail, salmon, Boursin prawns and yaki udon (a Japanese stir-fry with noodles cooked with generous proportions of mushroom) in sauces infused with Thai red chilies, ginger and scallions. The prawns are cooked with boursin cheese and other assorted spices, making it delicious. The emphasis is on a blend of fresh ingredients and exquisite culinary skills. The Teppanyaki table is an absolute feast to the eyes, as it allows you to enjoy the artistic beauty of slow eating!
But what adds to the charm is that at a teppanyaki table at Shiro, when a chef cooks live, he takes it on himself to entertain his guests. The chef keeps the diner entertained as food is savored through the following: knives being whirled, spice holders being juggled and food being moved from one end of the hot pan to the other.

The ambience at Shiro can be adequately described by the use of the word ‘magnificence’. No matter how many times you come, you will always love to observe what is around. The main bar, the private dining rooms and the Teppanyaki area with its three live cooking stations add on to the customer’s ultimate savory delight!


                                                  A culinary adventure, not to be missed!

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