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In what was the perfect example of global fusion, the folks from the Canadian embassy came to Shiro in Mumbai, India to cook Japanese food. The Canadian embassy had their version of a tuk tuk rally  – a race of tuk tuks or rickshaws – in Mumbai recently and their first stop was Shiro.

Our pan-Asian menu was perfect setting for their first task which required participants to make vegetarian maki rolls. After a demonstration by our chefs, the recipe for maki rolls was handed out and participants were given the ingredients to make their rolls. Separate work stations were set up for each team. Since every team member was to do a specific task, teams got together to discuss how they could best play to their strength. Once decided, the teams got down to work rolling out the nori sheets, patting the rice in and getting the taste of the mushroom mixture right.

Maki rolls can be tricky business and the place came alive as the 75 contestants in 30 teams worked together to get this dish right. Team members stood by reading out instructions and helping along with tips and tricks till it was their turn. Since the maki rolls were their lunch, the teams pitched in with various ideas to help with the taste. We are sure the Shiro experience will stay with them for a long time to come.

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