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Drum rolls please!

‘Sushi Samba’ Salsa Night at Shiro completes 6 months this week! Woohoo!

With Mary and Derek leading on the dance floor and teaching all you folks out there every Wednesday, we can safely say that it has all been absolutely amazing! Week after week we have seen salsa come alive! We are getting the warm fuzzy feeling one gets after doing something good and making people happy! We see a couple of people with two left feet swaying gloriously to the beats and we think we have done well!

Tonight it’s going to be even better! Mary and Spencer are going do just what they do best! They are going to make you groove. Trust us! Even the people who say they can’t dance will be shyly dancing the night away at the end of it! And we feel mighty proud when something like that happens! So, what’s it going to be tonight? There’s a lot more in store!  And even though Mary or Derek isn’t giving much away, they have dropped in a hint about the music being eclectic. Plus, there’s going to be more.  We have Lillian Mendes and her troupe coming in tonight and performing for all you lovely people!

Can you feel the energy already?!

So what are you waiting for?!  Click here and sign up for the event. Dress up like a superstar and be at Shiro tonight!

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