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Cocktail Chronicles

How does a typical weekend pan out? You finish all the chores on Saturday and hit the bars with a vengeance. And what do you do at the bar? The usual! Get your favourite cocktail and nurse it. You know how your drink is supposed to taste, how cold it’s supposed to be and what’s missing if the bartender forgets anything at all.

What say we change things around a bit? Give your taste buds something to be kicked about. We are introducing new cocktails during the Cocktail Chronicles festival and we would love for you to come try them out. We are experimenting here! There’s going to be new flavours, interesting mixes and mainly for the adventurous, unusual combinations. Now, you can do you dancing and dining in style while you also sip on delectable flavours in a drink. Naturally, you want to know exactly how unusual we are talking. Let’s see. We have a cocktail that uses bell peppers, one which comes with fresh ginger and we named one The Original Sin. We did away with the mundane and brought in the new. Have we tempted you already? Come, indulge!

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