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It’s Always a Party Time at Shiro!

 At Shiro, gear up for a fabulous weekend with a line –up of talented DJ’s in the party circuit.
Shiro welcomes you to witness exceptional mixes and ultra groovy beats spun by the Djs here. 

DJ Viju and Barkha make your Fridays a memorable one. Known for their eclectic mixes and fantastic chartbusters, and distinctive twist in music has made them favourites in the party circuits.

On the weekends, the outstanding track selection with chart toppers and all time favorites will put you in the mood to dance right away. 

DJ Alia, Ashish Nagpal, Bala, Ivan and Henry also work their magic at the console at Shiro bringing you the best of music from around the world and India. They add their unique touch to the tunes making the crowd sway to beats they love. 

The DJs at Shiro are unquestionably one of the pioneers of unmatched music and entertainment today. Their innovation in various music genres has always created an ambience of taste, talent and celebration for all music buffs.  

Shiro welcomes all its patrons to be a part of its glamorous and glitzy events. Put on those party shoes, pull out your glamorous best and head to Shiro for an unforgettable night around town.

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