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‘Steaming Sensations’ 2014

Did you have the chance to experience the beauty of our exclusive delicacy ‘Steaming Sensations’? Well, if you haven’t yet then we have a lovely news for you. 
Shiro brings to you ‘Steaming Sensations’ 2014 where we are running an exciting contest just so that you can relish a basket of dim sums for free. We have already crafted 13 scrumptious dim sums for you. All you have to do is help us create the 14th one. Share the ingredients that you think would taste best when served as a dimsum and what would you name it. If you are lucky, then you might be one of our winners and savor a basket of goodness.

So share the best ingredients for our dim sum and participate in this exciting contest. Click here to participate and all you take back is memory of awesomeness. We are waiting for your exciting answers. Contest ends on March 17.  Hurry up!

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