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Desserts for your Soul

Shiro is a modern lounge with a Buddha Bar-esque feel beautifully carved from stone.  The entire ambience has soft and dramatic lighting that soothes a mind and pours out a positive aura that Zen cultures and traditions emphasize on. The bar-level seating is the heart of the party. Its signature high ceilings and magnificent statues personify the soul of Shiro - a place where the finest Oriental cuisine and fabulous cocktails present a dining experience like no other.

The Asian cuisine is a great way to send your palate on an Oriental and Asian journey. This journey will be filled with surprises from flavors originating from Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Thai and many other authentic dishes. Sampling Asian cuisine will surely be a treat that will never be forgotten. The cuisine comprises of subtle flavors as well as bold spice infusions. The cuisine is characteristic of its various regions and cultures of the people who live in the Asian continent.

For those who love Asian cuisine, it is important to know that it comprises of a gamut of individual cuisines which can be best enjoyed at Shiro- “a place where the finest Oriental cuisine and fabulous cocktails, coupled with the elegance and chic of the Zen-inspired interiors, present a dining experience like no other.”  Apart from the interiors and the food there, it’s the dessert that compels you to visit the place every time. 
While Japanese influenced food plays a major part of the menu, you could also indulge in our irresistible Chocolate Sushi; the perfect dessert after a hearty meal, where a selection of sushi flavored with Baileys, Kahlua and seasonal fruit leaves every soul satisfied. Our traditional Chocolate Tiramisu with a twist of chocolate and Kahlua topped with shaved bittersweet chocolate is a smashing hit amongst the dessert fans.
Come over for a class apart, toothsome experience where we shall whip up an assortment of culinary desserts to thrill your taste buds.


AlotMorethanThis said...

This is so awesome! The pics are sinful! <3

AlotMorethanThis said...

This is fab!