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Dice, Toss and Flip!

The journey at Shiro is always filled with a surprise which offers an eclectic mix of Korean, Vietnamese, Japanese and Thai flavours. “There is something for every mood and every sense which gives you a bespoke experience in a Zen-like ambience.”

With an emphasis on seasonality integral to Japanese cuisine, Shiro ensures an unrivaled gastronomic experience that is sure to pass every expectation. For those who eat, live and breathe food will enjoy discovering the nuances and unravel its history. Japanese cuisine is indeed filled with exotic influence and ‘Teppanyaki’ is one such dish that could give you this desired experience.

The teppanyaki style is about kitchen showmanship with minimal cooking (soy sauce and garlic butter are the only basic condiments used) and careful temperature control. It’s the right kind of food you’d wish to have this season when the interplay of the heart and the humidity can make the weather
quite oppressive. The temperature control is at the base of the teppanyaki because the griddle gets as hot as 280-320 degrees C. It is now being widely used to cook food infront of the guests at various Japanese restaurants.

The set teppanyaki meals at Shiro are served with miso soup, fried rice or noodles, and grilled vegetables. No matter what the ingredients are, the style of preparation of the dish is what does the magic. At the end of the day, teppanyaki is a style of grilling meats and vegetables.

Entertain is what Chef Vadim Shin Ryoji does from behind the teppanyaki counter at Shiro – he entertains with magic, food and music. He is a master of the art of culinary theatre. The chef cooks in three acts, begins with card tricks and wraps up by crooning a Bollywood number. Vadim is a reason for you to go back and rediscover the magic of teppanyaki.

So be there to experience the magic and entertain your palate with the exotic taste of teppanyaki.

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