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A note of a bon vivant

Dear food, 

My friend and enemy, all in one! Just the mention of your name is enough to make me pine for those irresistible calorie-laden delicacies. With Christmas approaching, my willpower is getting weak. And my favorite restaurant Shiro ‘s exclusive Christmas menu where you are featured all dressed up is luring the gourmet soul of mine.

I am speaking to Santa and hoping that he grants this special wish of mine and offers me the privilege to indulge in this scrumptious meal with you and your friends, those yummy drinks, the whole of Christmas. It is getting too intolerable to resist you now. I am powerless when I crave you. Even my belly, that is usually docile is jumping around for you. Just thinking of you lying there under the mellow lights with the sounds of tinkling bells with red, golden trinkets for company has me thinking this is going to be a perfect Christmas celebration. You know choose sweet treats that you tease me with, I can’t imagine Christmas without them. 
It looks like they picked your friends from the whole of Asia. Shiro says we are going to start off with vietnamese asparagus and crabmeat soup followed by mushroom tarts and rice paper rolls, I am sure this would cure half of my craving. I am then going to reach out for the tofu steak and top it off with a date and fig pudding. There’s also DJ nights which means while I take chunky bites of you, I can have fun dancing away.  

I request you to kindly wait for me at Shiro as I gather all my loved ones and make my way to enjoy this you dressed in your delectable Christmas best. Make my Christmas merry and you shall be the perfect companion of my belly!
Yours sincerely,

An ardent lover.

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