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White and Lovely

The tree is done up in little ornaments, each sparkling and jostling for space with the shiny ornament next to it. A little shake has them trembling. Later, they settle down, happy at having found their balance. The gifts sit perfectly proper their glistening papers promising happy things inside. A long table glows under the warmth of candles and conversation. Perhaps, that is what we love about Christmas the most. Family and food come together to create magical moments that will last a lifetime. 
At Shiro, we make Christmas come alive. It’s going to be a White Christmas this year. The menu is laden with delicious treats that are waiting to be devoured, all with the much-loved pan asian flavor. Warm up to friends and family with the Sotoayam soup, an aromatic blend of glass noodles and bean sprouts. For the non vegetarians, there is a Vietnamese asparagus and crabmeat soup. As the conversation flows, old memories are shared and new memories created, the food complements the atmosphere. The mushroom tarts and rice paper rolls will be conversation pieces and everyone will want to tuck in. The non-vegetarians can indulge their taste buds with the turkey tarts and rice paper rolls. The main course- tofu steak for the herbivores and oven roasted Asian turkey for the carnivores is served to all our happy, smiling families. Our dessert is an ode to Christmas- a date and fig pudding- is a sweet way to bring a meal to a close. Come to Shiro and experience White Christmas.

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