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Party on my mind!

Let’s pop the bubble and drown the doom. Let’s bring on 2013 with a boom! Let your hair down and drink your fears away. Let’s live the moment tonight and dance away. 

Time to bid farewell to this year as 2013 welcomes us with open arms but before the year gets over lets add some more excitement to it. Come to Shiro and join in on the fun and frolic. Bring in 2013 with a place the embodies the true spirit of life, Shiro. 

Shiro Bengaluru and Delhi are throwing a spectacular party full of madness and enjoyment and you are invited. There’s tonnes to look forward to. Groovy music with the best DJs from around the world, palate-tempting food, some of the most fun people on the floor and drinks that will make you crave for so much more, the celebration is just too grand to pass up on. Delhiites can witness the celebration from 29th Dec. - 31st Dec., while all the lovely people in Bengaluru can make their 31st night worth remembering only at Shiro.
Shut your worries away and get your reservations now. Let  the partying rule your mind and the New Year’s bash be your only concern. So come and explore the true moments of joy!

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