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Savor as you Swirl

Sushi: Hello Samba! This is Sushi, the most celebrated Japanese food.
Samba: Hi Sushi. And you know me, of course, the most rhythmical dance.
Sushi: You know what would be fun? A combination of me and you.
Samba: Hmm, but that doesn’t really happen. Does it?
Sushi: It does. You need to go out with me this Wednesday.
Samba: Where?
Sushi: To Shiro!
Samba: Interesting, but is it just you and me?
Sushi: Not exactly, you’ll probably find your friends there too.
Samba: Friends?
Sushi: Jive, Salsa, Latin-Ball to mention a few.
Samba: That sounds good.
On Wednesday, Sushi and Samba dress up to head to Shiro. Sushi picks its favourite little seaweed dress and Samba twirls around in a red number.
Shiro dazzles with its high ceiling and chic interiors.
Samba: Hey Sushi! Look there, people enjoying a regular platter of you. LOL!
Sushi: There’s another premium platter of me arriving at the other table. :D
Samba: Whose that on the dance floor?
Sushi: That? That’s Mary and Derek who are going to be teaching us the moves. The place is brimming with life and I know we’ve finally achieved it.
Samba: Achieved what?
Sushi: Our aim!
Samba: And that is?
Sushi: To beat the mid-week stress and be prepared for the second half of the week.
Samba: BINGO!

So, let good times ROCK N ROLL!
Bite into your sushi and get on the floor.

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