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Be healthy, go Japanese

Eating out while on a diet is like walking on eggshells. At the restaurants, requests are made for less cheese, more veggies, less deep fried, more stir fried, less carbs, more protein etc, the list is endless.  Of course, most of the time we end up thinking we have compromised on flavor and the dish just doesn’t taste as good. Now, let’s take a look at the Japanese cuisine. It’s spicy, loaded with flavor and will tingle your taste buds. According to a 2010 World Health Organization report, the Japanese have the highest life expectancy in the world. Which says a lot. Here are 4 dishes you can have at Shiro which won’t wreck your diet.

Miso: You really can’t go wrong with soup and with miso, you won’t miss flavor even one tiny bit. Made from fermented soybeans, the miso soup is wholesome and filling. The soup comes with fleshy chunks of tofu and if you are really sticking to your diet, this could be your entire meal.


Edamame: So you are off boiled veggies because, admit it, they just lack taste. That’s not the case the edamame. First of all, they are fresh soybeans. Just that ups their health quotient by several points. Plus, they are served either steamed stir fried which makes them great for diets. Lightly salted, they are also perfect for those wanting taste but not spice.

Soba: Replacing is a great trick for diets. If you are craving noodles but don’t want the calories they bring, go for Soba. These are buckwheat noodles and are packed with protein. The added advantage is you can have them in soups or salads. Soba noodles are yum and are super diet-friendly.


Sashimi: Here’s a Japanese menu staple that is great for you. Sashimi has thin slices of raw salmon, tuna, squid which are great source of protein and its better than sushi because it comes without the rice. Sashimi can be your go-to food to keep going out to eat without putting a brake on your diet.
And don’t worry a bit about it tasting bland. Japanese food can be as fiery as you want it to be with its accompaniments – the wasabi, a super pungent horseradish side.

Go healthy, the Japanese way.

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