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All Things Nice Wine Week at Shiro

We all have that one friend we look at and think’ how do you look that classy?’They seem to have it all. The right clothes, the perfect accent and the matching shoes. But what you really want to know is how they get all that attitude to go with it. These are the kind of friends you turn to advice when you reach out for a wine glass at a classy party. They will tell you the process and the difference between red wines, white wines and when each is to be consumed. They even know what temperature it should be stored at. They easily rattle off the countries the wines belong to, the kind of knowledge that stumps you because you really can’t tell a grape from a raisin.

Well, that’s all about to change. It’s time to up the ante and polish up your drinking etiquette. The All Things Nice Wine Week is here and it’s going to change the game. Wine drinking can be an expensive affair and this can be a deterrent for amateurs. At the All Things Nice Wine Week at Shiro, you will get domestic and international wines at special prices for just one week from 11th Feb – 17th February, 2013. There will be masterclasses where you will learn about the pairing of wines with food, so you know what to ask for with your pasta. You will also discover how to do a wine and cheese party and do it right. And this one is just for some gloating when you will learn about wines from around the world. You can now swirl and sip away, looking like you have been doing this forever while other friends wonder how you always look so put together!

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