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Good things at a great price!

Most of us wish we had a life where we had access to unlimited food and unlimited alcohol. Ever the optimists, we also hope this comes to us at a price that doesn’t cost us and arm and a leg. Of course, when we finally convince everyone we know to come out to try a sumptuous buffet spread, the entire party is disappointed with the cold starters, chewy appetizers and average fare they serve during meal times. That’s all set to change!

The menu at Shiro brings all the good things to the table and banishes all the chinks.  To start things, the Shiro menu is extensive. There’s so much to choose from. We use the freshest ingredients specially sourced to give you an experience you will cherish. Our chef, an expert, whips together dishes that will satiate your palate and leave you wanting more. The scrumptious spread is fresh and comes laden with all the best things from the menu. What’s more, this comes at a price that won’t break the bank. At Rs. 1250 for unlimited food with Rs. 750 extra for unlimited liquor, this deal at Shiro is a steal.

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