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Dance like no one is watching!

You are waiting for Friday to announce itself so you can loosen up! You wait for the clock to tick a little faster on Friday. We don’t blame you! We wait for the weekend just as much as you do. Creating yet another memorable one weekend after another is one of the many things we, at Shiro, are passionate about!
What makes Friday night perfect is the company of good friends and an awesome place where you can party the night away! Shiro’s  wicked Friday and Saturday nights are the talk of the town! So come on over this Friday as we rock your world! Be it Retro beats or the Dubstep madness, we got it all!  From what’s topping the charts to the newest flavor on the block, our DJs know exactly how to keep you grooving to the beats! And to make the night more enigmatic, we bring you live music. Nothing beats the magic that live music brings to the house.

So what are you waiting for? Plan an amazing start to your weekend. Put your best dress on. Loosen that tie and throw some shapes around and burn the dance floor!

For more details about what’s happening in your city this weekend, click here to find out more!

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