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Welcome to the UNboring way of drinking!

Everyone has different images that pop up in their head whenever they hear the word ‘ALCOHOL’. Everyone has their own personal stories and experiences associated with alcohol that make for highly interesting stories. There exist purists who wouldn’t mess with their drinks by adding anything to it spare a few cubes of ice while on the other extreme end, there are people who enjoy their alcohol but also like accompanying it with a dash of colour, flavor and fun! This is where cocktails come in. There are your classic cocktails which have stringent recipes that if altered with, may be considered as a mortal sin committed by the bartender in most parts of the world. And, then there’s a bunch of eclectic people who like experimenting with every flavor across the spectrum and preparing their own creations which does wonders for their curious audience.

There is no limitation to the number of cocktails that can be prepared and new ones must be being invented as you are reading this blog. Allow us to introduce some of the more famous ones with our own Shiro twist to them.

1.       Demerara Fig Mojito
A refreshing drink that is made of demerara sugar muddled with dark rum, figs, mind and lime. All of this is served on a bottom of crushed ice in a tall glass and the usual stirrer is replaced with a thinly sliced sugarcane stick.

2.       Apple and Cinnamon Martini
The name just says it all! This cocktail is a perfectly balanced combination of the sweet sour punch of green apples and the subtle spicy flavor of cinnamon. This is elegantly shaken and served with a thin slice of green apple and a cinnamon stick.

3.       Expresso Martini
This one for all those who love their coffee dearly. A strong shot of expresso with the mix of vodka and sugar syrup giving you that boost when you have a whole night of partying lying ahead of you.

4.       Secret Garden
The big secret behind this cocktail is that we’ve added just the right amount of fresh green apples to the traditional mojito and rounding it off to perfection by adding a dash of mint and lime to it. The chopped pieces of green apple thrown into the drink give this cocktail its interesting colour and also make for tasty tit bits in between sips!

A perfect mixture of the elegance of the classic cocktails and our own addition of fun make these cocktails a weekend must have! When are you going to raise a toast to life with one of these?

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