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All things Pan-Asian!

When at Shiro, it isn’t your ordinary experience of dining out. We present to you a wholesome treat for mind, body and soul. We draw our eclectic influences from all things Asian! Right from the authentic flavors comprising the Korean cuisine to the herb-infused fragrances of Vietnamese food, we have it all.  
Thai, Korean, Vietnamese and Korean cuisines are the four pillars of strength of Shiro. Each cuisine has its unique blend of flavors to offer. The high notes of each cuisine are so varied yet so unanimous that even a simple meal at Shiro can be an extravagant affair for your discerning palate.

There is something exhilarating in doing things the native way. Next time you are at Shiro, say it the Japanese way. Instead of the run of the mill “Bon Appétit”, how about saying Itadakim asu, which would be the same as saying – I humbly receive!

Craftsmanship is the soul of our cuisine and that is why a sushi chef or itamae trains for at least 10 years before serving food in a restaurant! Sushi masters believe that you don’t just eat with your mouth, you eat with eyes as well. No wonder their presentation is one of the best in the world! 

With every cuisine, there is one dish that could be coined as the trademark that accompanies every meal. In Korean cuisine, Kimchi is one such side dish. Not just that, it also happens to be the national dish of Korea.

And where there is cuisine, there is a literature of thoughts and saying that come with it! Thai people consider wasting food as bad luck. It has been said that the Thai deity may be angered if food is wasted.
Another popular saying tells us that many Thai believe eating alone is bad luck.

There are many small things like these and many more that make the Pan-Asian cuisine more than just a cuisine. Come to Shiro for a light lunch or a feisty brunch and we will show you exactly what we are talking about!  ;)