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Bento Art.

Wouldn’t a sight like this instantly brighten your day? Not to mention how nutritious it looks!

Say hello to Bento! Your single portion take-out/home-packed meal in Japan.

A traditional bento, as it originated in the 5th century, usually consists of rice, fish, meat and pickled/cooked vegetables. However today it has cultivated into a sophisticated art form as you can see.  This shouldn’t come as a surprise! We all know how artsy Japanese are when it comes to cooking! You have experienced this many a time with the intricate dishes our chefs stir up for you!

There are so many types of Bento that you will be simply left awe-struck! Don’t believe us? Have a look below! These are just some of the amazing Bento meals we found online!

Of course if you’re interested on creating one for yourself or for your loved ones, there are plenty of garnishes and interesting side dishes for your bento. A basic Bento is only divided into 2 parts: half of the lunch box is filled with rice; the other half is filled with a range of complementary foods, such as eggs, vegetables, meat or fish!

When it comes to food, we at Shiro believe that presentation is just as important as the taste of the dish itself! So here’s to food that’s meant for the mind, body and soul!

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