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What’s that one thing that makes everyone go weak in the knees? The one thing that causes cravings so bad you can’t think of anything else? And undeniably, it is the best cure for any mood in the world. Yes, we are talking about the heavenly desserts that charge you up on any dull day and transform every person into a little kid.

Desserts that don’t just complete your meal, but are a meal. The ones that make your eyes sparkle after just one bite.  At Shiro, we understand the need of a good dessert after a lovely meal. Hence, often after relishing our desserts, people turn into what we call ‘dessertarians’! 

Life of a dessertarian only revolves around the love of his life- desserts. They seem to be very particular about its taste and won’t settle for just anything. They want the taste perfect and know everything about the love of their life. We, at Shiro realize the sentiments of a dessertarian and try our best to impress their palate. On the menu, one could reach out from chocolate volcano which is dark chocolate cake filled with chocolate garache and served with vanilla ice cream or, one a rather indulgent day, try the combination dessert platter that serves the best three desserts of your choice from our menu.

You could even try chocolate sushi which is a selection of sushi flavored with baileys, kahlua and seasonal fruit. And if that doesn’t cut it, we suggest the warm mascarpone cheese cake which is mascarpone cheese flavored with dark chocolate and caramel flavored crust. It’s love at first bite. Wait, we have more. The menu goes on! There’s chocolate tiramisu, misissippi mud slide, trio of cheesecake and coconut and pecan tart to appeal the demands of a dessertarian. 


Vegetarian or non-vegetarian have now become clichéd ideas, so switch over to being a dessertarian. Believe or not Shiro could makes this journey a wonderful experience for you!

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