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The place to be!

Tired of hopping from one place to another? Don’t you wish one place could be the answer to everything? It gets way too messy heading to this place to hit the clubs and that place for a good meal and some other place to unwind and beat the chaos that the hustling bustling city that Mumbai is?

Well, no more! Wait. Did you just think that we asked you to self impose yourself into a curfew? No! No! Absolutely not! Take a deep breath. Actually, we are asking you to do just the very opposite! ;)

Shiro. Your one stop destination to everything!

If there is one place in this city that offers everything, it’s us! You wanna party? Come to Shiro and we will show you how to party like never before!

You love to eat and call yourself the connoisseur of food? Then come right back! Because we will serve you nothing but the best of Pan-Asian cuisine!

Tired after a long day at work and just want to unwind?  The larger-than-life decor at Shiro has nature as its muse, with the soothing influence of water and the strength of stone creating the avant-garde and opulent ambience to enjoy the culinary delicacies from around East Asia!

Come to Shiro and experience it all because there ain’t nobody who does it better than us! ;)

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