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A heart is all that you seek,
A heart is all that you need…

Often your heart seeks a relaxed time away from the hustle-bustle of life… a tranquil moment and a soothing atmosphere with a delicious meal to complete the moment. Beckoning you for such an experience, Shiro invites you with all its warmth to enjoy the new range of dim sums introduced specially to cater to your taste buds.

The unique culinary art of dim sum (Cantonese) or dian xin (Mandarin) means "a little bit of heart" and originated in China hundreds of years ago. This dish is more like a buffet with a larger selection of tasty delicacies eaten both as a vegetarian and non-vegetarian dish. To relish the authentic taste of dim sums, Shiro spreads out a variety of newly introduced dim sum dishes to let you experience the real taste of China. 

For vegetarians you could make a choice from Chi Chow Style Dumpling that is a steamed dumpling with asparagus, water chestnuts, bell peppers, babycorn, carrots and peanuts. You could also try the oh-so fresh celery and pepper mushroom dumpling with a selection of mushrooms flavored in black pepper with celery and vegetarian xo wrapped in translucent wrapper, or hot and soft steamed cashew nut and vegetable dumpling that is flavored in fresh coriander and garlic oil. Well the non-vegetarians can indulge in Sui Mai dumplings that is mixed with chicken, prawns and shiitake mushrooms or Har Gau dumpling that are marinated and steamed in lovely translucent wrapper or the unique Fish in Lotus Leaf which is fish fillet wrapped in lotus leaf. 
It’s just not the right kind of dim sums that give you the delectable experience but the right atmosphere that provides you with a tranquil mood to relish the taste that completes the journey. What’s even more appealing is that our chefs put in all their heart to present you with an epicurean’s delight. So it’s just not a “little bit” of your heart that is content with happiness but an unforgettable delicious journey for your soul as well.

So for that bit of your heart, grab a moment from your life, make a visit to Shiro and treat yourself to the most soulful time!

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