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You’ve seen them getting prepared on-screen and now they are here. You know you were salivating when you saw them being prepared by the eminent chefs. This is a case of reel life coming to real life. Shiro proudly presents to you Master Chef Australia-inspired dishes, plated to perfection on your table.

Join the epicurean’s voyage. There are delectable delights like mouth-watering Chilli Popcorn Chicken, yummy Steamed Fish in banana Leaf -Chu quoc sauce, sweet and tangy Honey Soy Noodles with Chicken, palatable Mushroom & Babycorn with Thai BBQ Sauce and fiery Mixed Veg in Chilli Mustard Sauce to name a few.  The menu doesn’t end here. From salads to soups, appetizers to main menu and indulgent desserts, everything here aspires you to give an experience that goes beyond the mundane.  

Give your palate food to rave about. Also recognized for its innovative brunches, Shiro constantly strives to deliver the best international taste on their customers’ plate.  So next time you think of relishing a classic dining experience, Shiro is the place to be. 
You’ve admired the show and pined for the food, now get an opportunity to relish them only at Shiro!

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