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The Scent of Asia

If you are a food connoisseur, prepare yourself for a feast of delicacies. Shiro is back with its Asian Grill Festival! Ever tried the Twice Cooked Chicken? Grilled, steamed and served with spicy baby corn, it’s a dish straight down from heaven. Or how about the Grilled Coffee Salmon? Unique as it sounds, it’s sure to book a permanent spot in your tongue.

The Asian Grill Festival at Shiro is more than a food festival. What it offers is something, that eventually turns into a pure and delightful memory, hence treating your grey cells as well.  Witness an out-of-the-box selection of some of the most unique Asian delicacies. Dive into the aura of a menu compiled to cater the liking of a variety of food enthusiasts.
The menu offers a variety of food items depicting the rich food culture of Asia.  Savour a tantalizing blend of various sauces and spices and treat yourself with an exquisite range of marination. Don’t forget to taste your favourite dishes in a different style altogether ,which will surely to leave you surprised. If you have other priorities, they can wait. You surely don’t want to miss this.
Asia is grand, and that’s how we wish to approach it.

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