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Urbane: More than Just Business

Here’s a customized menu prepared to not just suit, but delight every palate at Shiro. ‘Urbane’ deserves everyone’s attention, without any distinction. Well, there’s one though; you have to be a foodie/food enthusiast. An exotic mix of cuisines, the ‘Urbane’ presents your beloved dishes prepared in a different style. And if these you are having these dishes for the first time, we assure you they have all the potential to top the list of all your favourite things in the world. 

With some very noticeable twists in the textures, the flavours and aromas of these delicacies will leave you wanting for more. This balanced luncheon gives you an option of a 3 course (excluding dessert) or 4 course meal with wide varieties of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. Fond of American salads? The ‘Vegetarian California Salad’ is something you should try, if you haven’t already. Or how about something from Indonesia or even Korea? We have some really exciting options waiting for you.  

A prime executive luncheon, ‘Urbane’ is meant to bring some life into the typical boring business meetings everyone hates (let us be honest). It has a very basic objective; to turn those discussions into pleasant conversations, probably even interesting (who knows?). But it also caters to every other person whose reason to have a pleasant lunch is not a business meeting. Want to have a great time with your colleagues? This is the place. Feel like spending some family time together? You know where to look!

Come on over. Experience the magic of ‘Urbane’.                                  
We mean business… and a lot more than that!

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