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Something for the Asian Food Lovers!

Do you know what a ‘Wok’ is?
How about Kimchi?
Wasabi! Now that is something everyone has heard of. You might know what that is, right?
It certainly looks interesting. Hearing all these odd names all of a sudden and wondering what they are. Well, the ones who know the answers can definitely claim to be foodies. Let us tell you what we are talking about…and what you might have missed. 

The ‘Asian Foodie Quotient’ was a unique set of trivia questions we posted on our Facebook page for our fans to answer. As it’s quite evident from the name, this one-week long activity revolved around everything and anything to do with Asian cuisine. With an aim to test the knowledge of the true Asian cuisine foodie, a new, exciting question was thrown at the fans everyday for a whole week.
If you’ve been a frequent visitor and a true fan of Shiro and its food, they’ll be a piece of cake. But those who didn’t  get a chance to try their hand at answering the questions missed out on a whole lot of food knowledge. The campaign covered interesting trivia and flavours.  A great way to discover our continent’s food, don’t you think? Plus, we could spread some knowledge about the cuisine we specialize in (That’s how we look at it!). 

Also, what a wonderful way of interacting with our fans! If you would like us to do more such things in the future, just say the word. We’ve always had the required motivation…which is you!

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