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The Many Notes of Music

Music is food for the soul. And at Shiro, we understand that.  When you have had a horrible day at work with deadlines, client meetings and emails that you must respond to, you want to unwind with a nice cocktail and good music. That’s where we come in. The place you should turn to for the best of music.

And we do all out with our music. For those with two left feet or simply looking to better their moves on the dance-floor, we have Sushi Samba nights on Wednesday that will have you swinging in rhythm in no time at all. Plus, there’s our DJ’s who spin the best of tracks to break you out of the mundane routines. On some days, there’s the best of commercial and house music that you can dance away to. When meeting up with friends, relive the days of yore with retro music. Shout out the lyrics of your favourite numbers with your friends from school and relive the good times.  For times that you want to go all out, come to videotheque where giant LED screens belt out the tunes with the DJ.

If you are a music lover, Shiro is a buffet. Come, indulge. The many notes of music.

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