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Food Bloggers’ Meet for an Asian Twist

When Michelin Star Vikas Khanna teams up with Shiro, what you get is a unique match of expertise and class. What you get is a ‘Menu With An Asian Twist’. 

This menu proves to be a real treat for the one seeking something different; sort of a detour from the usual Asian cuisine. What Vikas Khanna has done is something only a real food innovator can do; he has given the traditional Asian cuisine a coastal touch! (Kerala style Prawn Curry with Thai Curry Paste: doesn’t this sound interesting?) 

And to celebrate this feat and make people known about this special menu, we invited some of the best food bloggers of the country to our restaurants in Mumbai, Bengaluru and Delhi. The response, as expected, was very positive and encouraging. They kept the interaction alive with their followers on Twitter by Tweeting live about the food and their feedback. The ‘Coconut and Lemongrass Soup with Rassam Powder’ came out to be the winner of hearts. ‘Xacuti Masala Grilled Rice Paper Roll Chicken’ and ‘Panko Crusted Prawn Rawa Fry Style’ were also crowd favourites.

So if you are in search for something unexpected, but still want to retain that conventional taste of your beloved dish, you should drop in at Shiro before February 16th! We have consolidated some of the best and well known dishes from your favourite cuisine. We are sure it will surprise you! 

So when are ready to experience this ‘Twist of Taste’, come on over to Shiro…and don’t forget to let us know the dish (or dishes) that did it for you!

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