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An affair with a savory taste

You are often tongue-tied when you sit down to decipher the feeling you derive after relishing Asian cuisine. It’s that one word that you always wished to know that could help you express this experience. 

Well, not everyone knows that there are five basic tastes that describe your experience with food.  Sweet, sour, bitter, salty and umami are the five tastes that are used to express the experience of your taste buds. Umami is a word donated from Japanese language where umai means delicious and mi means taste, which can be translated to “pleasant savory taste”. 

Umami represents the taste of the amino acid and can be described as a pleasant taste with a long lasting, mouthwatering and coating sensation over the tongue. Its effect is to balance taste and round out the overall flavor of a dish. Umami taste is common to foods fish, shellfish, cured meats, mushrooms, vegetables (especially ripe tomatoes), and fermented and aged products (e.g., cheeses, shrimp pastes, soy sauce, etc.)

Shiro has been stimulating senses with its eclectic cuisine and sophisticated bar ever since it threw open its doors to food connoisseurs. It’s sure to titillate all the five tastes that make your gastronomical experience unique. When you visit Shiro, it’s just not an exquisite dining experience but a lavish affair with a savory taste that you look forward to. Come, let yourself loose for a bespoken experience at Shiro where there is something for every mood and every sense.

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