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Valentine’s Day at Shiro

Love is in the air! Valentine's Day is just around the corner and it's a perfect time to share the love around!

With a perfect ambience and some tantalizing food at Shiro, it will help you set the mood right for a romantic rendezvous on this special day.  

With an enchanting experience for all those who are in mood for celebration this Valentine’s Day, Shiro brings to you distinctive 3 course meal coupled with popular music to uplift your mood. An exquisite range of appetizers along with a wide array of exquisite main course dishes will get you mesmerized and enjoy the evening with your beloved like never before. 

The specialized vegetarian menu comprises of some delicious appetizers: Mushroom Skewers in Sweet Hot Sauce and Fresh Corn and Tofu Cups. Spicy Grilled Tofu with Massaman Sauce and Medley of Mushroom, Babycorn and Water Chestnuts make up for the delectable vegetarian main course. Also, a must-try are the mouth-watering non- vegetarian appetizers: Hot Chilli Bean Marinated Prawns with Asian Cocktail sauce and Grilled Chicken Cakes with Cream Cheese.
Honey Ginger Marinated Chicken with Massaman Sauce and Steam Fish with Cream Herb Sauce in the main course will keep you wanting for more! 

Conclude your dinner with the delightful Shiro dessert: Strawberry Pavlova which is a beautiful combination of white chocolate and fresh cream filled Meringue topped with fresh Strawberries.
And that’s not all. The music played by the renowned Dj’s here will get you grooving and allow you to be amazed. 

Then why wait! Make it special and memorable and head to Shiro for an experience like no other. The venue planned here will create an impressive and awe-inspiring celebration for you!

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