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An Unforgettable Dimsum Treat

Shiro is back with yet another culinary surprise for its beloved guests. Prepare yourself for a dim sum fiesta!

‘Steaming Sensations’, which was a great success last year, features a wide range of 13 new and specially crafted dim sums exclusively for our food lovers. All our patrons can enjoy this occasion to the fullest as the event lasts for a whole month, starting from 24th February – 23rd March. It’s going to be a memorable journey for every foodie as our expert chefs prepare this Cantonese delicacy, offering a delectable variety of ‘13 exquisite types’. 

We have something for every palate. You’ll surely love the choices on the menu, which consists of a wide range of selections.If non-vegetarian food is what you prefer, the list of your favourite dishes will soon have Steamed Chicken with Glutinous Rice Wrapped in Lotus Leaf, Chicken & Sichuan Peppercorn Dumpling, Steamed Fish with Ginger Lemon Sauce. Patrons with fondness for  vegetarian delights also have some amazing and unique options with choices such as Vegetable Crystal Dumplings, Spicy Broccoli & Water Chestnut Dumpling, Cabbage & Iceberg Lettuce Gyoza amongst many others.

Gather your family and inform your friends as this is an occasion you don’t want to celebrate alone. It simply gets better in the company of loved ones. If you are already fond of the cute little delights, you’d be happy to know that we are not missing out on the classics of the category. So, the all-time favourite Aromatic Fish in Banana Leaf and the Classic prawn dumpling with a surprising twist of chillies and fish sauce and the Phoenix Eye Dumpling are still there!

If, however, you haven’t had the opportunity to experience the beauty of this delicacy until now, you are sure to convert.

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