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A whole lot of everything with Shiro and Gourmet It Up!

Coming to Shiro can really spoil you for choice. You may be tempted to order everything on the menu, for instance. And since everything comes recommended by friends and family, you just can’t decide on an order. Should you only go for the bestsellers? Or venture into dishes recommended by the chef? Or should you simply have a little bit of everything.

We know this is a dilemma and that’s why we tied up with Gourmet It Up in Mumbai and Delhi.  Gourmet it Up and we have designed a menu that showcases the best of what Shiro has to offer while still letting you indulge in the many flavours it has to offer. All this comes at a wonderful price tag that wont burn a hole in your wallet.

The Sunday Brunch at Shiro starts you off with a choice of drinks. You can choose from exotic and refreshing cocktails, wines or beer and the best part? They are unlimited. The appetizers provide a perfect start and there’s tonnes to choose from including the house favourite – Sweet Chilli Potatoes. This is just to start you out. There are also soups and salads asking for your attention. As you move on, you can load up on the mains where there are curries and flavours –subtle and strong – from every part of Asia. Tuck into these with rice or noodles to make a meal out of it. 

Oh, and don’t fill yourself up just yet. There are desserts to be had. They are decadent, creamy and oozing deliciousness. End your meal on a sweet note.

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