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Magnetic Mojo with Jojo Zolina

Shiro played host to Jojo Zolina. the man behind Madonna’s Canada branch of dance studio, Hard Candy. Jojo has trail-blazed a style and standard that has filtered itself into today’s mainstream dance world. With incredible artistry, he has reinvented a technique that has quickly become coveted by artists such as Madonna, La Roux, Michael Buble, and Lady Sovereign. His fluid, signature style has captured audiences internationally at events such as London and Paris Fashion Week. 

He is a known commodity in the dance industry worldwide earning the respect from the best in the business. Jojo is a dance alchemist, boldly melding elements of ethnic folk dance, hip hop, funk, vogueing, waacking, house, reggaeton, dancehall, contemporary, and salsa. He has studied under and worked with some of the most renowned names in the business from Martha Carter and Jennifer Mascall Modern Dance Companies to hip hop dance pioneers Buddha Stretch, Caleaf Sellers, Poppin’ Pete, Tyrone Proctor and Kelly Konno. Jojo brought this unique energy and vibe to the dance floor and had the Shiro crowd enjoying his dance style.

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