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Desserts for the Chocoholics

Have you ever wondered how a chocolate could be a simple solution to all your troubles? Well, we all know how a chocolate sparks our mood whenever you feel low, how it brings a smile on the face of your lady –love, and how tough it is to not get tempted just at the idea of it.

With a sincere devotion to those Chocoholics, Shiro presents you with a menu that will just make you drool. Our Chocolate Volcano is a serious crime if you can actually resist it. Filled with chocolate ganache and served with vanilla ice-cream, it is not something you can get away without relishing. For those, who are ardent chocolate fans, Chocolate Tiramisu is surely a challenge for you. A traditional tiramisu with a twist of chocolate and kahlua, our tiramisu is a perfect divine experience.

If you wish to have simply go on an unforgettable chocolate journey, our Combination Dessert Platter should be your pick. You can choose any three best dessert of your choice from our menu and impress the chocolate gourmand in you. With the most perfect ambience for a gustatory experience, best music for all the party animals and yummy dessert to coat your moments with awesomeness, Shiro is the place that serves all mood with contentment and bliss.

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