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International Sushi Day

 The concept of eating meals with vinegar rice and raw fish has been around in Japan for centuries now. Today, Sushi is on top of everyone’s mind when asked about Japanese cuisine. 
Something as cultural and as artistic as sushi deserves its own special day and here it is! The world will be celebrating International Sushi Day on 18th June. The art of making sushi is one that calls for and is respected, not only in Japan but amongst chefs and connoisseurs all around the world.

A true sushi experience is unforgettable. There are so many different types of sushi, depending on the way the rice is prepared, which fish is used and where in Japan it originates from. It can make your head spin - the amount of details that go into your bite sized Asian delicacy!

Every sushi rolled is a plethora of flavours and a chef’s representation of his art and experience. It takes them years to master this and become a ‘Sushi chef’. The best we can do is appreciate, with all honesty, their expertise and effort.

There are true sushi lovers amongst us and they know that eating sushi in the correct way is the only way you can enhance your experience and compliment the chef. 

For food that is so complicated and wonderfully exquisite, one day of dedication isn’t enough. We say all of you who love sushi should give it some special attention on this day and everyone who hasn’t yet experienced an authentic sushi meal should use it to dive into a new experience. 

We say you make your way to Shiro on the International Sushi Day for this Japanese favourite. Treat yourself to some authentic sushi and a cultural experience right on your table.

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